What is Convene?

Convene Communities is a web-based application, specifically designed to allow individuals to 'Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate' in the Ultimate Online Ecosystem.

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Convene Communities is a multifaceted application with a variety of potential uses.

The community-centered application allows like-minded individuals to come together in a safe place to interact and learn from others. It is our goal to allow people to have interesting, valuable discussions around a given topic. Convene was designed in a way that helps avoid some of the negativity you often encounter on other platforms.

Convene Communities Features

Three levels of content protection

With Public groups, you can connect, communicate, and collaborate with other individuals with similar interests for FREE

Create Private groups, housing exclusive content, interaction and information for your members.

Create Premier groups add the ability to sell your content on your own terms.

Convene Communities as a knowledge base hub.

From the soccer team who uses the platform to teach skills through the use of video to the anonymous member writing about a struggle with addiction experience, Convene offers a place to share unlimited types of information. You have the option to share a personal, sensitive experience anonymously, and others can contribute to the topic anonymously as well. Our hope is that Convene becomes the place you can turn to if you are in need of answers or support.

The Convene platform's flexibility allows for creativity.

YouTubers, podcasters, consultants...etc can use the platform to ‘continue the conversation’ with their followers with the optional opportunity to make some money through the affiliate program or by selling content. If you are interested in selling a course, our platform is more affordable and offers more functionality that other options.