What is Convene?

Convene Communities is a web-based application, specifically designed to allow individuals to Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate in the Ultimate Online Ecosystem.

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Convene Communities is a multifaceted application with a variety of potential uses.

The community-centered application allows individuals to join and engage inside different communities that are centered around a topic such as Life, Small Business, Wellness, etc.  It is place to interact, share your experience, and learn from others.

The Convene platform gives people a place to have interesting, valuable discussions around a given topic.

Experiences are a key feature of Convene

An experience can be someone sharing information on a specific topic they have extensive knowledge on or can be a lesson inside of a paid course. They are an integral part of our build-in Learning Management System.

Experiences can be a public at the Community level for anyone to take.
For example, if you have some great information you want to share in the Wellness community, you can create an experience around that topic for others to learn from.

There are also private experiences inside private groups.
For example if you are a soccer coach and have a private group for your team to communicate and train, you may want to create some private experiences that are meant only for your group members.

Then there are experiences that are part of a Premier group which requires payment for access.
If you are a premier member so that you can sell your content, an experience can be stand alone trainings inside your paywalled group, or they can be one lesson in a training module you offer.

In each of these situations, experiences work exactly the same way. It is only the access that is different.

Three levels of content protection

With Public groups and experiences, you can connect, communicate, and collaborate with other individuals with similar interests for FREE

Private groups house exclusive content, interaction and information for the members you allow access.  You can create private experiences that are only for your members.

Private membership required.

Premier groups add the ability to sell your content on your own terms whether it is a one-time access fee or a monthly subscription.

Premier membership required.

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