Wellness Summit

Convene Wellness Summit

This remarkable collection of healers has gathered for one reason: To help you discover your own path to healing so that you can go forward and help to heal the world.

This event is over, but you can still experience it over at Convene.

Meet Our Speakers

Co-Hosts: Matthew Currin and Patty Mohler

Matthew Currin

Matthew Currin
Speaker, trainer, life coach, founder of Convene Communities, retired Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot, former helicopter EMS Pilot, and current Team Penske NASCAR pilot.

Patty Mohler

Patty Mohler
Licensed Mental Health Counselor , Author of the book Renew and Restore: How To Communicate, Connect and Celebrate Your Best Self


Renee Evans
Wellness Community Leader

“Putting Nature Back Into Medicine”

Keynote Speaker: Renee Evans - Wellness Community leader

Renee has been a Registered Nurse for since 2009 and collectively in the medical field for over 20 years.  Throughout her career has discovered a deep need for natural approaches to medicine.  In 2017 her world flipped upside down when she almost lost her own live & health.  This is when she discovered the power of how the body heals from the inside out.  She discovered what it means to fuel your body not just feed it through Mind Body & Soul Energy medicine.  In 3 years Renee has helped 1000's of individuals and their pets with the use of CBD and natural approaches to Medicine.  Renee is an Usui Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner, Certified Cannabis Nurse Consultant, MIndset Coach, and will soon be offering biofeedback.  This year Renee will be launching her CBD line named C.B-Licious.

I will talk about my experience as a Nurse, and why I launched into holistic healing. I will also discussing the power of CBD, Natures Medicine.


Sophia Kupse

Sophia Kupse

“The Healing Power of Your Mind”

Sophia Kupse is the founder of ‘LT Therapy’ author of three best selling self-help books on mind body wellbeing and is known as ‘The Muscle Whisperer’ by her global army of fans. She is highly acknowledged by her peers as an industry expert with over 25 years’ experience working in health and wellbeing. She is regularly featured on Radio and writes articles for the media. As a professional therapist, she runs two wellbeing clinics in Harley Street London and Leeds, West Yorkshire.

In an ideal world, everyone knows the secret of living a happy life is to get the balance right in health, mindset, work and play. However, we spend more time chasing life than living it. Today’s lifestyle is all about pursuing the dream at whatever cost, even if it means compromising our mental and physical wellbeing, which can result in a lack of self-care and burnout.

This talk will allow the listener to understand;
- How I discovered the real healing power of the mind.
- How do thoughts/emotions download into the body to trigger chronic pain and conditions such as IBS, Back Pain, Sciatica and many more.
- How to take control of pain naturally by using a unique mapping system to identify what thoughts/emotions relating to life events, such as childhood, relationships, work, money etc, are stored where in the body, then use proven mindset and movement techniques to successfully self-heal.


Abi Levine

Abi Levine

"The Power of One"

Do you find it hard to understand how little old you could possibly make an impact in the world?

Do you wonder how you will ever get out of your own way long enough to step fully into your purpose?

Do you wonder what the magical secret is of those who have risen above their circumstances, to create an abundant, successful life that they love?

Abi will walk you through some profound insights, that will not only inspire you, but will give you simple, practical steps to start stepping boldly in the direction of your dreams, and realize how powerful you always have been.

And laugh, play and have fun while you do it!

You need to know why YOU are a vital piece of this global puzzle.



Cliff and Marta Wilde

Cliff and Marta Wilde

"The Main Reasons Why You Can’t Ever Seem To Get There - The Power of Bringing The Body and Mind Together"

Cliff and Marta Wilde, founders of The Unlimited Life and creators of the A.R.A. Method are the number 1 solution for high achievers that sacrificed their health for success.  Through nurturing AWARENESS, teaching radical RESPONSIBILITY and encouraging inspired ACTION – the A.R.A. method creates a powerful solution helping their clients overcome dis-ease of both – the physical body and mind.

Having worked with clients from 25 countries ranging from entrepreneurs and business owners to professional athletes – Cliff and Marta bring answers that their clients have long been searching for.

Using a holistic and multidisciplinary approach Cliff and Marta do not tie into any one specific approach. That allows them to treat everyone they work with a very personal and individualised approach – creating results that, to some seem like magic (hence their Wizard and Witch nicknames that they’re often referred to with by their clients)

How many times have you tried to work on your mindset only to come up against another block or self sabotage your efforts? How many times have you looked at improving your physical health to no avail feeling like you're going round and round in circles with the same symptoms, and all the same frustrations that go along with that?

Understanding that the power of bringing our body, mind and spirit together is the often missing link to true health and a fulfilling life is the cornerstone of Cliff and Marta's work.

In this talk Cliff and Marta share years of their own personal work and the work they've done with clients in 25 countries to inspire you to look deeper, expand your perspective and realise that YOU CAN live your life on your terms, being physically healthy, at peace with your mind and understanding yourself better than you ever thought possible.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/CliffandMartaWilde/
Website link: https://cliffandmarta.com
Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/cliffandmarta/

Jodi Watkins

Jodi Watkins

2BEpic Fitness and Nutrition, LLC

“Shifting our Mindsets and Becoming Limitless”

My name is Jodi Watkins. I spent almost 14 years active duty military in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic. I decided to join the AF Reserves to finish out my career as a Medical Lab Tech. After separating from active duty, I decided to follow my true passion – helping others get healthy and fit.

I am a mom and a wife. I am an author and I love to sing songs of praise and use my gift of writing to share my life and education with others. I have a podcast called Breaking Barriers Now and a book called Reclaim Your Life (2020). I no longer limit myself because I have done enough of that in the past. It’s through the turmoil we come out as champions. All we have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other each and every day. It’s not perfect, but it is necessary.

I obtained a BS in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and an MS in Healthcare Management from Columbia Southern University – both while in the military. I have taken countless courses for human sciences and have now been able to use all the knowledge I’ve been blessed with to share with others on their health journeys.

While my true passion is empowering women to be their best selves, I work with anyone who is fun and enjoys collecting what I have to offer. We must work as a team and I will do everything in my power to ensure your success through the wisdom and words given to me by the Holy Spirit. Are you ready to go on this journey with me? All I ask is that you come with an open-mind and willingness to be forthcoming. We will conquer your obstacles together and you will receive tools you can share with friends and family to use for the rest of your lives. It’s all about teamwork and believing in possibilities. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and stop limiting yourself. We all are on this journey together. Let’s walk it together and be at peace knowing the Lord will provide all our needs.


Alicja Son

Alicja Son

“Immunity and The Power of Minerals”

Discover the Power Minerals hold to heal yourself, heal your body. Alicja will challenge you to pay more attention to your body, look at your health holistically, to set you on the journey to redefine your health goals, and how you care for your body, and how you spend your money while taking care of yourself. Beauty redefined inside and out.

You will learn more about minerals, their functions and role they play in the human body. Different ways of absorption of minerals and minerals support your overall immunity. You gain a better understanding of your skin, its function and how to look after your skin for optimum health.

Feeling tired, stressed, fatigue? Do you want to know more about how to have more energy? This talk is packed with practical tools you can use to feel better, look better, support your well-being , even during lockdown. Learn more about the unique 5 steps process, that you need to take to make geothermal Spas part of your healthy lifestyle choice and connect with Alicja to support you in this journey.



Lisa King

Lisa King

“ Be You, Unapologetically You”

Inspirational Speaker, International Best Selling Author and Mentor. Creator of programs, courses and workshops that empower and guide people to reach their highest potential, fulfil their brilliance and live life on their terms.
Lisa shares how after her breakdown following her partners suicide, she knew that she had to make some huge changes to her life. She needed to understand where the masks she had worn throughout her life had come from, who she truly was and who she needed to become to be her true self. In this talk Lisa gives ideas and tools to help you step from behind the masks, to be unapologetically you, no hiding, no masks, perfectly imperfect YOU.

When you stop hiding behind masks that you may have worn, to cope with challenges you are facing or may have faced throughout your life, you can be vulnerable, you can be powerful, you can be peaceful, you can be whoever and whatever you choose to be, because, you are making the choice, you are choosing you.


Dr Cheryl Chapman

Dr Cheryl Chapman

“How To Find Your WHY!”

Dr Cheryl Chapman is an International Multi-Award Winning Speaker, Trainer and Author. She is on a mission to guide 10 million people to have the clarity and the confidence to live a life of happiness and fulfilment. In 2015 she co-authored The Award-Winning Book “Find Your WHY to become frickin’ awesome” and launched The Find Your WHY Foundation in 2016.

As a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist and Neuro Linguistic Programmer she has guided thousands of International Entrepreneurs, Experts and Employees to become “even more frickin’ awesome”
In 2017 Cheryl was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for Global Leadership.

When you Find Your WHY! you can discover your purpose, your passion ..the reason WHY you are here on this planet called Earth. Cheryl will share a simple 3 step process that also helps you to understand WHY you are where you are right now …the positives and the potential blocks, barriers and beliefs that could be holding you back from more success. And why clarity will help to give you the confidence to create the life you want.


Andy Ritan

Andy Ritan

"Healing Yourself through Esalen Massage and Meditation"

Andy's goal as an Esalen Massage Therapist is to invite the body into a deeper state of relaxation and awareness. Andy practices Esalen massage, which focuses on long graceful flowing strokes to connect and unify the body and induce deep relaxation in the recipient.

Andy began studying Esalen massage in 2011, graduated from the Georgia Massage School in 2018, and completed a 100-hour certification in Esalen massage at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, in 2019.

Esalen massage combines classic Swedish massage with joint rotation, rocking, and stretching to release tension and integrate mind, body and spirit. Esalen massage approaches each client as a whole person, not as separate parts to be manipulated. The primary goal in Esalen massage is not the removal of localized pain or tension, though this is typically accomplished. Instead, the aim is usually to induce deep relaxation, integrate mind and body, and enhance total body awareness.

In addition to Esalen massage, Andy is trained in deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, foot reflexology, and oncology massage.

Andy is also interested in buddhist meditation, Qi Gong, and west coast swing dancing, and is cooking his way through the Julia Child cookbook.

Atlanta Esalen Massage

Sephirah Starsong

Sephirah Starsong

“Body Consiousness & Energetic Practices “

What if you could:
-Decreases pain
-Expedites recovery time from surgery.
-Reduces symptoms that accompany stress.
-Reduce the need for pain medication.
-Build immunity.
-Decreases inflammation
-Decrease anxiety and depression
-Increase connection and awareness

Simply by learning how to communicate with your body and work with your own electromagneticfield?

What if it was simple, so simple anyone could do it?
What if I told you that these techniques have been used for over 2000 years with success and are part of the secret behind the secret that also animates the Law of Attraction.......


Jess Dues

Jess Dues

“Movement to Help Heal the Mind, Body & Soul”

Jess is a loving, energetic carefree mother of two amazing teen children and is extremely active! She has lived her life experimenting through new ways to move the body and has found that through all the cardio, boxing, weight lifting, biking you name it, yoga has been a staple to her continued success in staying active, healthy and SANE!

Over 7 years of Yoga integrating into her life, she took the plunge and opened a yoga studio in 2019 called Pushna Wellness in Lake Orion. Changing times has now taken her classes online and transformed how she brings classes to you at home! Her focus is mindfulness of breath and body positioning in everything we do. Taking our yoga practice into daily life!

She has her RYT 200 certification and is at the tail-end of completing her Yoga Medics certification, which is also another 200 hour level program helping her understand working with those with injuries, mental illness, PTSD and so many other things to really help people where they are in their journey - wherever that may be.

We will discuss how yoga has transformed so many people’s lives, from allowing them to gain mobility at various stages in their lives. Breathing techniques and poses. Will instruct through an easy flow that anyone can do, and modifications if standing or kneeling is unaccessible.