What is Convene? What Can I Do in Convene?

Convene Communities is a web-based application, specifically designed to allow individuals to 'Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate' in the Ultimate Online Ecosystem. Learn more at What Makes Convene Different?

Convene Communities is a multifaceted application with a variety of potential uses.

The Convene platform is an empty shell with which you can:

  • Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate with individuals just like themselves for FREE
  • Create Private groups, housing exclusive content, interaction and information for their members
  • Create Premier groups in order to interact and continue the conversation with your tribe, while giving you the ability to sell your content on your own terms

You will get a step-by-step walk thru of Convene Communities. Here you can go at your own pace and do as much as you want to with Convene Communities.