LindyI was invited to a Zoom group by a fellow Coach and friend. I only knew that the topic of discussion was something about friendship and connecting. I curiously agreed to join the group and was immediately welcomed and met with acceptance and support. When asked to introduce myself I began explaining how I was in the midst of transitioning from Active Duty to retirement and being at home during COVID-19 was putting a huge damper on retirement celebration plans I had been looking forward to for months.

I distinctly remember someone on the Zoom call that day nearly come through the screen to offer words of support and understanding, who stated that I was in good company because there were a few fellow veterans on the same Zoom call who understood what I was going through. He immediately offered to chat following the end of that meeting and that's when I realized it was Matthew Currin. We set up another time to talk directly and it took a couple conversations before I even realized he was the founder and creator of Convene Communities. He not only explained the mission and goals of Convene but took the time to show me how I to utilize the platform for my own Coaching business and bring my knowledge and experience to others by becoming a Community Leader within Convene.

I've had several phone calls and Zoom meetings since and the Convene team Matthew has brought together is truly a group of powerhouse team members. I am excited to continue learning and growing with Convene, serving as the Life Community leader and helping others communicate, connect and collaborate. It is a platform full of opportunity, built with the users in mind.

Lindy Lamielle