Step 4: Join a Group

Convene encourages you to join as many groups as you like.


Interact with others through:

  • Participating in the discussion board
  • Taking experiences and engaging in the message boards
  • Connecting with other members from the Members page

Join a COMMUNITY you are interested in, and then click the GROUPS tab to see what groups are available for you to join.

If you are currently running or thinking about starting an online business,
we suggest you start by joining this group.

6 Key Areas to Focus on to Grow a Successful Online Business

Inside of this collaborative group we want to Connect, Collaborate, Communicate, and Educate each other. Participation is highly encouraged. In fact, the more you participate the more that we can learn from one another.

To get the most out of this group make sure to interact in the discussion board. Also, make sure to take all of the experiences within the modules, answer questions, watch the lesson learned and collaborate in the discussion boards.