Step 1: Join a Community

The Convene concept allows you to join communities for FREE with other members that have similar interests.
This is different from other social media platforms where all interests are lumped together. 

Convene offers a platform for Podcasters, Trainers, YouTubers, and Bloggers can contine a conversation and allows people to interact with your content in a new, exciting way.

Convene brings us together to share our experiences in specific communities with people that have the same passions and interests. Whether it is a love of books, cars, or soccer, Convene is a place where those who want to learn and those who want to share their knowledge can come together in one place.

To join Convene just follow the link above and select a community. Click the join button and register. It is FREE and EASY. Once you have joined the 1st community it is easy to join others - all using the same login.

Joining a community is simple. Get started by doing one of the following:

  • If someone sent you a referral link, please do them a favor and use the link they sent you.
  • Click on your preferred community below. We recommend joining the "How to Use Convene" Community first because it is going to give you a better understanding of Convene and how it is different.

Featured Communities

Convene Communities

Convene Communities is the main Community


Affiliate partners of Convene Communities can interact with one another

Convene arts and entertainment

Theatre, Art, Film, Music or anything creative!


Professional forum all things related to conducting auctions.

Business technology

A Place to come and learn about the technology that can help your business hum at the pace of life!

Convene Cars

DIY tips, projects, events, track days, or just show off your cars. ANYTHING car related!

Convene Cheerleading

Use this community to manage your organization or team.


For followers of Christ to interact,  fellowship, learn, grow, and help each other.

convene coaching

 Coaches of any sport can interact with peers, share experiences, offer player development tips

first responders

 For first responders to share their experiences. 

Convene Fashion and Beauty

For people with a passion and interest in sharing their style

Convene Football

 For passionate fans on the high school, college, and professional levels

Grayson Marshal Jr

Grayson has the distinctive talent of “getting you to believe in you.” 

Convene Health and Fitness

This community focuses on all health and fitness related issues.

Hope and Support

Community to help others that are in need

Convene Life

Share experiences and learn from others as they navigate through the many stages of life.


Convene Lifestyles is an exciting place filled with beautiful sights, outstanding entertainment, and delicious food.


Allows veterans from all branches of service a place to share their experiences.

Convene Music

Share your passion for writing, composition, and sound or just music in general.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing can be a great business. This community is built for Network Marketers that want to communicate, collaborate and train their teams.


Parents share their experiences and learn from others.

convene photography

For anyone that enjoys the art of photography and capturing memories

convene Politics

Civil discussions about specific political issues

Convene the Real World for teens and young adults

This community will focus on the reality of life.

Convene Smal lBusiness

Where entrepreneurs and small business owners can share and learn


An interactive community for those passionate about the sport of soccer.

Trail Blazers

Social connection and business support for women in business.

Convene Travel is a community that will allow people to learn about destinations, discuss experiences and talk about travel.

Convene Travel is a community that will allow people to learn about destinations, discuss experiences and talk about travel.

Wellness Community

Becoming a better you physically and emotionally.

Don't see a community that fits your interest?

How to Join a Community

Once you have selected a community from the list above, click it to go to the registration form and fill it out.

Joining a community is FREE. Your privacy is important to us. We will not share your information with anyone.

convene communities registration

Join as many communities as you like with one login

Once you have joined your first community, you can join other communities for FREE by clicking on the Communities tab on the menu bar and JOIN them.

convene menu bar

Enter the community

Once you are on the community screen, you will see tabs for your communities, available communities and communities that are coming soon. Click on a community and it will open up with some choices.

You can either enter the community if you are already a member or click join to become a member. This is how you will switch between the different communities with your one login.

select a community

NOTE: Your username and password will remain the same for all of the communities you join.

Interested in being a Community Leader?

Convene is looking for new communities and enthusiastic leaders. Community leader will make 10% of all revenue that is generated through your community. Contact Convene Communities at to learn more.