Step 1: Join a Convene Community

Convene is broken up into communities that focus on general topics such as Small Business, Parenting, and Wellness.  Join as many public communities as you like for FREE with one login.

Easily switch between communities from your dashboard.  Find new communities to join by clicking the Communities tab on the left inside the platform. Joining a community adds it to your dashboard providing you with a quick access link.

This is different from other platforms that lump everyone together in one place. If you are interested in Wellness, you can join that community and expect to find content focused around this topic.

CMR settings

Joining a community is simple. Get started by doing one of the following

  • Referral link

    If someone sent you a referral link, please do them a favor and use the link they sent you.

  • Click a Community below

    Click on your preferred community below.

  • Start in Convene's Community

    You will automatically join Convene's Community which is full of tutorials and useful information on how to use Convene. Join HERE.

Featured Communities

Convene Community

Christians Community

DIY Websites Social Media SEO and more

Helping Other People Engage

Life Community

Podcast community for people interested in learning about creating a podcast

Side by Side Solutions

Small Business Community

Soccer community

Umpires and referees

Wellness Community

Writing Community

NOTE: Your username and password will remain the same for all of the communities you join.

How to Join a Community

Once you have selected a community from the list above, click it to go to the registration form and fill it out.

Joining a community is FREE. Your privacy is important to us. We will not share your information with anyone.

Register for a FREE account on Convene

Join as many communities as you like with one login

Once you have joined your first community, you can join other communities for FREE by clicking on the Communities tab on the menu bar to find the list of available communities.

Find new communities to join


Available Communities

Click on the available communities to bring up the list of options. Select a community you want to join and click the join button. This adds the community to your dashboard.


Available communities tab

Your Dashboard

Switching between communities is faster from your dashboard. Everytime you join a community it adds it to your dashboard. When you select a community, the groups section updates to show you the groups you have joined inside that community. This is the fastest way to get to the group you want to enter.


Interested in being a Community Leader?

Convene is looking for new communities and enthusiastic leaders. Community leader will make 10% of all revenue that is generated through your community. Contact Convene Communities at to learn more.