What Membership Level Do I Need?



You can do a lot for free. Join public groups, create public groups, and take public experiences.



When you want a private group where you approve members that have access to your protected content.



When you want to charge for access to your group or create a course to sell. Premier membership also allows you to create private groups.



When you want your own community within Convene Communities. If you are interested in having your own community, please contact us.

Note: Membership upgrades only apply to one community. 
Make sure you are in the right community before upgrading.

How do I upgrade my membership?

Public Membership - FREE

Have an interest in a specific topic and want to participate by taking or creating public experiences? This is FREE! As a blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, author, etc you can participate in Convene Communities and create experiences around your interests while at the same time exposing a new targeted audience to your content.

All Communities have FREE public access

This level gives the member all access to join all public experiences and public groups in all communities.

The member will also have access to private groups and experiences. The member must be accepted into each private group by the group owners/admin.

All members can write unlimited public experiences, create unlimited public groups, and create unlimited syllabi.

Private Membership - Only $9.99/month

Do you have a private group where you may want to limit access to your group? Examples of these groups might be a soccer team, a church group, a small business, or any other group that needs to limit membership. Your private group can be used as a training and communication site.

Private members will have two ways to enter a private group. The member can request to join a private group or the group owner/admin will be able to send out an invite.

Private members can create unlimited private experiences, unlimited private groups, and unlimited private syllabi.

A private membership is for one specific community

Premier Membership - Only $59.99/month

Do you have content to sell? Convene Communities is built around content providers. For example, are you a YouTuber, Business, Podcaster, Author, Blogger, Trainer, Coach, Consultant, or Enthusiast. You have the ability to create a Premier Group to allow your followers to purchase access to your content. You set the price for access to this group. Within the paid group you can offer them unique content in experiences or classes (syllibi). This can be a monthly subscription or a flat fee for entry.

Create Unlimited Premier Groups

Create Unlimited Premier Experiences

Create Unlimited Premier Syllabi

This membership is good for one community of your choosing. Make sure you upgrade your account while inside that community.

Manage Your Own Community- Only $99.99/month

Imagine owning your own business center where everything is built for growth! Convene is looking for community leaders who want to take what they love and grow it while we are beside you every step of the way!

The Convene Online Ecosystem is designed for growth. We know that there are people that have the same passions and ideas, but we need leaders to bring these individual together.

Inside these communities you have the ability to have unlimited public, private, and premier groups.

You set the private price to be a private member in your Community

You have the ability to choose to participate in the Convene Affiliate Program. You set the percentages for your community.

Note: We do offer a special program for non-profits.

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