How Affiliate Marketers Can Grow With Convene

Convene allows affiliate marketer's to capitalize on one of the biggest growth trends in recent history - Entrepreneurship

Affiliates can use Convene to earn in many ways:

Train your network marketing team

Engage and continue the conversation with your audience

Grow your sales in a targeted community of people interested in your offerings.

Learn, network, and collaborate with other Affiliates.

Become a Convene affiliate to increase your income streams.

Offer exclusive content and charge for it using our built-in Learning Management System.

Engage and continue the conversation with your audience

Whether you're new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned vet, convene offers affiliate marketers targeted communities to sell their products. One of the best ways to market products is to do so in a space where people are passionate about a topic. Target communities are great place to connect, communicate, and provide valuable content.

Convene provides an all inclusive platform to continue the conversation around products and services. Experiences and message boards offer a place to receive feedback and learn more about your audience's interests in your affilate products.

First look to see what community your products fit best in. For example if you have a fitness product you should start a group in the Health and Fitness Community. Then create an experience about your product, ask a few questions about the topic, and publish. Each experience has a message board where back-and-forth conversation can occur. Not only does this allow you to get to know your audience, you will also gain an understanding about their likes and dislikes about your product offering.

Grow your sales in a community of people interested in your offers.

Since your affiliate group is in a community centered around a specific topic, people that are already interested in that topic can discover you.  You can expand your income opportunities by simply placing your group in a targeted community.

Learn, network, and collaborate with other Affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is a simple but effective form of marketing. Smart affiliates use tools provided by the company to help them sell their products. Affiliates can usually sell products from nearly any industry. While the opportunities are endless, not everyone will succeed. Marketing to targeted audiences will go a long way towards your success. Finally affiliates can use their skills to market Convene Communities products too. By joining the company as an affiliate it will open up more revenue streams.

The Affiliates Community is for affiliates of all levels of experience to share their ideas and knowledge with each other. Join for FREE.

Convene Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate with the potential of earning money

So now you have created your Group and are sending your audience to engage with you. Why not become an affiliate and send them all with your affiliate link. You aren't doing anything you wouldn't be doing anyway!