Convene Affiliate Program

How Do I Become An Affiliate?

Leave the 8 ways you can make money as a Convene Affiliate

  • Join the Affiliates Community

    You must be a member of the Affiliates Community

  • Sign up to become an affiliate

    Agree to become an affiliate

  • Add your Paypal email

    This is how we pay out commissions

  • Send in your W9

    We will not pay out commissions earned until we have a W9 on file.

  • Join the Team Convene Affiliate Group

    You must be a member of this group to qualify for commissions. There is a $9.99/month subscription required to join this group. Join HERE.

Eight Ways To Earn With the Convene Communities Ecosystem as an Affiliate

Recruit other affiliates

1. Affiliate Sponsorship

As you invite individuals to Convene Communities, your network of affiliates will grow. Each time an affiliate in your tree makes a purchase on Covene you will recieve a commission based on the level they are in your affiliate tree.

This is the primary way to earn money in the Convene Affiliate Program. The more members you have as affiliates, the larger your tree will grow and the more commissions you will make.

Convene Groups

2. Selling Private Memberships

Bringing individuals to Convene who will use the site as a home for their private groups or organizations.
You will earn a monthly commission from all affiliates who purchase a private membership for their group.

These individuals would include: school groups, churches, sales teams, sports leagues, and many more.

Premier Groups allow you to sell your content in a scenario based training app

3. Recruiting Premier Members

Bringing individuals to Convene who will use the site to sell their own content.
You will earn a monthly commission from all affiliates who purchase a premier membership to sell their content.

These individuals would include: educators, YouTubers, bloggers, trainers, and more.

Selling other people's courses for a commission

4. Sell Creator Courses / Access

If an affiliate premier member also chooses to give a percentage of their sales back to the affiliate program for advertisement on the site, you will also receive a commission on each purchase that is made from their premier group.

Sell your own content with a Premier Group Membership

5. Sell Your Own Courses / Access

If you have courses or content to sell, your can use Convene as your platform.
Simply purchase a Convene Premier Membership in your community of choice and begin setting up your groups and content.

You will be able to set your own prices, communicate with your group members as well as opt into the affiliate program when setting your prices to take advantage of motivated Convene affiliates willing to promote your paid content.

Team Affiliate

6. Sell Team Convene Affiliate Courses

When a member joins as your affiliate, they will also have the opportunity to join the Convene Affiliates Program to expand and make commissions from their affiliate network.

Each purchase made by this new affiliate including the required membership in the Team Convene Group, as well as any of the higher level affiliate premier groups will earn you a commission.

convene tshirt

7. Become a Community Leader

Convene is always looking for new and eager community leaders. Contact a Convene Administrator if you have an idea for a community that you would want to manage.

The responsibilities of a community leader include: releasing and monitoring content, growing your community, and interacting with your members.

As the leader of a Convene Community, you will receive 10% of any affiliate purchase made in your community.

Business Enterprise

8. Selling Higher Level Business Systems

Convene offers our stand alone application for small business and organizations. The application will be branded with their logo and allow them to privately use our complete training ecosystem.