Creating a Premier Group to Sell Content

To sell a course, you need to create a premier group which requires the Premier Membership upgrade. You will want to be logged into the community you want your course to be in before upgrading to a Premier Membership.

NOTE: The membership upgrade applies to 1 community - so make sure you are in the correct community before upgrading. If you want to sell a course in a 2nd community, you will have to upgrade your membership in that 2nd community. All communities operate as separate entities - but your login allows you to switch around to each one with one login.

Once you upgrade your membership, you can create a Premier Group.

This video will show you how to Create a Premier Group to sell your content within Convene Communities.

  • Name the course
  • Select a logo for the course group
  • Enter in a description of the course
  • Crop your image
  • Set your price for the course.
    NOTE: Most will be selecting the one time course fee option - not a subscription option. Be aware that offering a subscription course, people are going to expect that you will be adding new content consistently and frequently. Most of the time, the one time fee is the best option for most courses.
  • You will have the option to have part of the payment for your class go towards the affiliate program. You can set what percentage you will pay affiliates for referring the course. We highly recommend you opt into the program so you can have our affiliates helping to sell your class.

Creating a Syllabus

Now that your Premier group is set up - you will see it has a lock on it which means it is paid content. When people click on it, they will be given the option to pay for access to the group to get to your class (syllabus).

Now it is time to set up your class. You create a syllabus the same way whether you are setting up a paid class in a Premier group or a free class in a public group. The video below will show you how to get started setting up your class.

This video will explain how to create a syllabus within Convene Communities.