Step 6: Create Your Own Group

There are three types of groups:

  • PUBLIC – Anyone can join the group and anyone can create a public group
    (FREE - anyone can do this)
  • PRIVATE – Only people the group leader approves can join the group
    (Requires the Private Membership level to create)
  • PREMIER – Users must pay the fee to gain access to this paid content
    (Requires the Premier Membership level to create)

The only difference between these is who can access your content.

Plan out your group structure before you start

It is important to plan out your group before you create it. The Convene platform gives you the flexibility to set up your group in multiple configurations based on your goals. We recommend that you make your top level group area public so people can get to know you. Under that you can add subgroups or modules that can be free, private, or paid access based on how you are using your group.

Set up your group inside Convene.

Create a group inside Convene

  • Make sure you are in the Community you want to create a group in.
  • Select the Create>Group from the left menu
  • Name the group
  • Upload a group logo - required.
  • Choose a cover image. The default will be the convene logo if you skip this step.
  • Choose whether you group is public, private, or premier.
  • Enter in the group description.
  • Crop your logo
  • Save Group

Groups are your space to share information, collaborate with your team, or sell your content. It is your storefront containing your content.