Step 6: Create Your Own Group

Groups are your space to share information, collaborate with your team, or sell your content. It is your storefront containing your content.

Create a Group

  • Make sure you are in the Community you want to create a group in.
  • Select the Create>Group from the left menu
  • Name the group
  • Upload a group logo - required.
  • Choose a cover image. The default will be the convene logo if you skip this step.
  • Choose whether you group is public, private, or premier.
  • Enter in the group description.
  • Crop your logo
  • Save Group

Creating a group in Convene is basically the same for all three types of groups:

  • PUBLIC – Anyone can join the group and anyone can create a public group (FREE - anyone can do this)
  • PRIVATE – Only people the group leader approves can join the group (Requires the Private Membership level to create)
  • PREMIER – Users must pay the fee to gain access to this paid content (Requires the Premier Membership level to create)