Step 6: Create a Group

This video will give you a better understanding of Convene's group concept and how public, private, and premier groups work

Create a Group

  1. Make sure you are in the Community you want to create a group in.
  2. Select the Create>Group from the left menu
  3. Name the group
  4. Upload a group logo - required.
  5. Choose a cover image. The default will be the convene logo if you skip this step.
  6. Choose whether you group is public, private, or premier.
  7. Enter in the group description.
  8. Crop your logo
  9. Save Group

Creating a group in Convene is basically the same for all three types of groups:

  • PUBLIC – Anyone can join the group and anyone can create a public group (FREE - anyone can do this)
  • PRIVATE – Only people the group leader approves can join the group (Requires the Private Membership level to create)
  • PREMIER – Users must pay the fee to gain access to this paid content (Requires the Premier Membership level to create)

This video will show you how to Create a group within Convene Communities.

This video will show you how to manage a group within Convene Communities.