ConveneConnect CRM


Growing a profitable business depends on customers and contacts.

The ConveneConnect CRM is a system that will easily help you manage your contacts in one simple spot.  ConveneConnect is meant to be a simple CRM. Manage your CRM through the ConveneConnect Dashboard.

Contact Manager

Contact Manager

  • Name, address, email, and notes sections.
  • Document management for each contact. Use for resumes, forms, etc.
  • Use colored labels to organize your contacts.
  • Sort your contacts by categories you create.
  • Upload contacts via a CSV files using our template.
  • Contacts inside the platform can be linked to their profile and messaging system.


  • Create personal notes
  • Assign notes to a contact
  • Assign a priority

CRM notes

Track Events

Track Events and Meetings

  • Schedule events and meetings.
  • Add a scheduled event to your Google or Outlook calendar with one click.
  • Schedule recurring meetings.
  • Invite Convene Members to your meeting through the Convene Messaging and Notification System

Customize your categories and labels to fit your needs

Customize your categories and labels to fit your needs

Categories and labels give you the ability to sort your contact, notes, and events. You can bulk assign a category to contacts you import by CSV file.

CRM settings

Communicate with your group using our ConveneConnect CRM.