Convene Learning Management System

Collaboration is the key to your success.

What makes our learning management system unique is the ability to make your course feel more interactive in multiple ways.

People want access to you, so it is not enough to just create video courses that teach a subject. People want to be seen, heard, and validated. They want to be part of the process. If they are going to spend their hard-earned money, they must know, like, and trust you. A Convene Communities Group gives you the space to create this environment.

Convene gives you the tools needed to implement your complete strategy.

Collaborate or train with your team inside Convene with our Learning Management System

The community-centered application allows individuals to join and engage inside different communities that are centered around a topic such as Life, Small Business, Wellness, etc. It is place to interact, share your experience, and learn from others.

Three levels of access to your group's content

Whether you are selling access to content, running a private group, or sharing your knowledge for FREE, Convene offers a flexible LMS platform that will fit your needs. We have three levels of membership available, and the only difference is access to your group's content.

Public (FREE)

Anyone can access your content as it is open to the public. Maybe you are wanting to use the platform to host your online book club or share your knowledge around a topic you are passionate about. You can create a FREE group inside any of our public communities. Don't see one that fits your topic? Contact us.



A private membership allows you to lock the door to your group and only allow those you invite and approve to have access to your content. An example would be a soccer coach that wants to be able to share information and review game films for his team only.



Premier membership gives you the ability to charge for access to your content whether it is an ongoing monthly membership or a one-time fee. It allows you to have private groups as well. Opt-in to the affiliate program, determine the commission amount, and take advantage of having others promote your paid content.


NOTE: Membership upgrades apply to one community only,
so make sure you are in the correct Community before upgrading.

Manage a group with a built-in learning management system capability

Your Convene group is your gathering spot, your leave behind, and the center of collaboration taking place around your content. Inside your group, you can communicate, collaborate, and educate all in one place.

Group Information

The group information page is the public front page of your group. Use this to encourage people to join.

Group Pages

You have the ability to create pages inside your group that are included in the group navigation menu.

Group Member List

Each member has a personalized profile page, and your group members can connect and collaborate with each other.

Group Annoucements

Send a message out to every group member. They will receive it through email or Convene notifications based on their own notification settings.

Discussion Boards

Available in multiple locations inside your group, discussion boards give your members multiple opportunities to interact with you. Members can start their own topics and have the option to interact as themselves or anonymously.

Blog Feed

Share additional information around your topic in a short blog feed format.


Based off adult learning theory, experiences are more than just a video lesson. Select only the feature you need in order to use experience as a stand alone method of sharing information or as a lesson inside a course.


Create an unlimited number of subgroups. These subgroups can be free (public), private, or paid (premier) based on your membership level.

Modules / Courses

Created unlimited free (public) or paid (premier membership required) modules within any group. This allows you the flexibility to create unlimited mini courses.


Convene has created a powerful document management system.

Welcome Area

Customize a welcome popup that greets your new members.

Affiliate Program

If you are looking to sell access to your content, you have the option to opt into the built in affiliate program.

Can I have content that is public as well as content I am selling all in the same place?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage you to offer some FREE content inside your group so that people get to learn a little about you and what you are offering. You can then have subgroups that are either private or premier groups.

What is an Experience?

Experiences can be stand-alone, information-sharing opportunities at the community level, inside your group, or used as lessons inside a syllabus. Structure your experiences inside your group to fit your needs.

Experiences inside Convene

Experience Features

Pick and choose the features you want in your experience by choosing the custom template.

  • Background Information
  • Pretest
  • Presentation
  • Open Ended Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Lessons Learned
  • Test
  • Survey
  • Discussion Board
  • Completion Certificate

Creating an experience is easy! You will be guided through each step. Everything must be complete before publishing. Unpublished experiences will stay in your drafts so you can come back later to complete them.

Who can publish an Experience? Anyone can create an experience in a public community, but it will be approved for publishing by the Community Leader.  If you have a group, you and any co-leaders can create content.