ConveneCollab Project Management


Project Management will help you stay organized and on track for success

Project management is an important piece of Convene's all-in-one system.

Whether you are a business owner, nonprofit, or a busy individual, you must stay on task.

If you are managing a team, collaboration is key to your success. The ConveneCollab project management allows you build collaboration within a team environment. In addition to creating projects and tasks, you can communicate through discussion boards and task messaging.

Key features to the Convene Collab System:

Project Tracking

Each Project allows you to see a status review. This will give you a quick snapshot of the where you or your team stands with the current projects

My Tasks

Each member assigned to a task will see their task and subtask. The project leads will see the entire project. Each task allows for documents and collaboration to promote team cohesion.

Bring planning and organization to your projects all in one spot.

ConveneCollab Project Management- owned by one Person
$4.99/month Personal Task Management (One Person)
$19.99/month Up to 5 members
$29.99/month Up to 20 members
$39.99/month Up to 40 members
$49.99/month above 40

Stay on top of your business with ConveneCollab Project Management