Convene Coaching

Convene Certified Coaching Program

Convene Communities is made up of the most amazing influencers, that you have never heard of...YET!

Why? Because they all have a story. Everyone has expertise in an area to share. However, many struggle to see how they can turn their knowledge into a business model.

That is where you come in.

A Convene Coach will help develop future influencers by growing their stories and experience into a profitable or impactful business.

Today’s climate has driven people worldwide to search for new ways to connect, communicate, collaborate and learn with others.

Convene Communities spent over a decade building and refining an innovative, one-of-a-kind platform for just that. However, we didn’t stop there!

We’ve also created numerous opportunities for people to deliver tremendous impact on others’ lives and earn uncapped alternative sources of income.

Sell your course online and have a team to help you promote it

One of those many opportunities is our Convene Coaching program

The Convene Coaching Program is designed to equip motivated members with the tools and knowledge necessary to teach others to unlock their full potential on the Convene Communities platform. We believe that we all have a story made up of real life experiences from over time. These experiences become an abundance of knowledge that should be shared for the benefit of others.

Many very successful people have already learned to monetize this knowledge, but others struggle with turning their knowledge into a profitable business model.

After completing this program, you will not only learn the true purpose behind Convene Communities, but you’ll also gain a better understanding of its technical side and its wide array of capabilities. You will then have all of the knowledge necessary to empower others to become successful in reaching their goals with the platform.

How is this profitable for you?

Learn how to create your own premier coaching group inside Convene

Set your own coaching fee

Gain the opportunity to become a coach for the Convene Accelerator Program

Receive leads for new clients interested in the Convene Accelerator Program

Why make the investment?

The online learning industry surpassed $300 billion in 2020.
Along with last year’s turmoil, we saw a surge in the migration of businesses, influencers and educators to online learning and collaboration platforms. And the explosive growth hasn’t shown any signs of slowing.

Convene Communities has secured its own niche in this space due to our vast offering of features and capabilities, along with a streamlined user interface. Our coaching program gives you the opportunity to take advantage of this growing industry and turn it into money in your pocket by coaching others to success on the platform.

We’re passionate about inspiring others to share their story. And we’re always eager to teach others to do the same for the betterment of us all. Become a Convene Coach!

How does the Convene Coaching Program work?

During the Convene Coaching program you will learn:

  • The Story of Convene Communities

    We’ll tell you all about where this whole thing came from. 

  • The Why of Convene Communities

    We believe that everyone should have a ‘Why’ - or the true purpose behind the platform. It's critical that you understand the ‘Why” and communicate that with those you might work with as a coach.

  • The Impact Of Convene Communities

    We’ll show you all of the platform's capabilities to how we create impact on people’s lives.

  • Your Impact

    We’ll teach you everything necessary to make a difference in others’ lives by coaching them to build a successful business on the Convene platform.

The Convene Coaching Program will empower you to help others in a way you never thought possible.
You will bring the Why, we will give you the How!