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Convene Certified Coaching Program

Build a Business Helping People Put their Content on Convene

The Convene Coaching Program is designed to equip motivated members with the tools and knowledge necessary to teach others to unlock their full potential on the Convene Communities platform.

We believe that we all have a story made up of real life experiences from over time. These experiences become an abundance of knowledge that should be shared for the benefit of others. Many very successful people have already learned to monetize this knowledge, but others struggle with turning their knowledge into a profitable business model.

After completing this program, you will not only learn the true purpose behind Convene Communities, but you’ll also gain a better understanding of its technical side and its wide array of capabilities.

Sell your course online and have a team to help you promote it

You will gain the knowledge necessary to empower others to reaching their goals with the Convene platform.

How much does it cost?

The cost of being a part of the Convene Coaching Program is a $99.99 a month, and it is the monthly requirement to remain a Convene Certified Coach.

What do you get for this monthly fee:

Premier Membership to the community of your choice ($60 value)

Private Membership to the community of your choice ($10 value)

Subscription to ConveneConnect and ConveneCollab Project Management ($10 value)

Combined that is a $80 a month value included, so you will just pay $20 more for your Convene Coaching Business.

**Convene Communities offers a 50% referral fee on this premier group. If you bring coaches to Convene, you can easily cover your monthly cost. We will teach you how in the class.

Perks of being a Certified Coach

As a Certified Convene Coach you will have access to an amazing group of experts that created this platform. All Certified Coaches will be a part of the Private Certified Coaches only group. Here, you will network with other coaches and be a part of the continuing education designed to help you succeed. You will also be the first to know and have access to what updates are coming to the platform. This will become an important part of your success.

Access to exclusive training only for coaches (both face to face and within the platform)

Convene Communities will help promote you as a Certified Convene Coach

How long does the program take?

The Certified Coaching Program is designed to take four weeks. However, the training can go as fast as you would like it too. Some have finished in as little as two weeks. Others have taken up to six weeks. The reality is that the initial certification is just the beginning, we will keep growing and learning every month.

Why make the investment?

The online learning industry surpassed $300 billion in 2020.
Along with last year’s turmoil, we saw a surge in the migration of businesses, influencers and educators to online learning and collaboration platforms. And the explosive growth hasn’t shown any signs of slowing.

Convene Communities has secured its own niche in this space due to our vast offering of features and capabilities, along with a streamlined user interface. Our coaching program gives you the opportunity to take advantage of this growing industry and turn it into money in your pocket by coaching others to success on the platform.

We’re passionate about inspiring others to share their story. And we’re always eager to teach others to do the same for the betterment of us all. Become a Convene Coach!

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