Convene Affiliate Program

BEGINNING April 5th.
Team Convene Affiliate Call
Every Monday 6-7PM EST

The Team Convene Affiliate call will introduce you to the affiliate program. This call will go over the fundamentals of how you can make money within this unique opportunity. The goal is to help you understand what products within the Convene platform commissionable, how you can sell others content or how you can allow others to sell your content. Each call will include an example of a Convene Communities members that has an opportunity how they are succeeding through the Convene Affiliate program.

How Do I Become An Affiliate?

Sign up to become an affiliate when you create your account on Convene

Agree to become an affiliate

Add your Paypal email

This is how we pay out commissions

Send in your W9

We will not pay out commissions earned until we have a W9 on file.

Team Convene Affiliates Tier System

Tier 1 Affiliate: 40% commission on all purchases

Tier 1 affiliates consist of all members of the Convene Community that were directly referred to the site by you.

Tier 2 Affiliate: 15% commission on all purchases

Tier 2 affiliates consist of all members of the Convene Community that were referred to the site by one of your Tier 1 affiliates.

Tier 3 Affiliate: 5% commission on all purchases

Tier 3 affiliates consist of all members of the Convene Community that were referred to the site by one of your Tier 2 affiliates.

Affiliate Commissions and Pay Schedule

Convene will pay weekly commissions.

Pay will be calculated every Friday at 12:01 AM and will be paid via PayPal the following Friday. Members will be paid when their account balance reaches $50 or above. Until that time the money will accumulate in the affiliate dashboard.
In order for payments to be released the affiliate must be a qualified Convene affiliate which requires a PayPal account set up on the site, a completed W9 form submitted to Convene, and membership in the Team Convene Affiliate Group.

*A $1 processing fee will be deducted each time commissions are paid out.

Convene Affiliates Invitation System

There are multiple ways to invite a new member to the site as your affiliate, the email invitation system and your affiliate link can be found on your Convene profile page.

  • Share your unique affiliate link with the individual.

  • Use the Convene invitation system on your profile page by entering the email address of the person you wish to invite. Convene will send them an email invitation containing your affiliate invitation link.

  • Sharing content on social media using the share buttons on Convene. Any new visitor to Convene who joins the site from your social media link will become your affiliate.

Making Commissions in the Convene Affiliate Program

Convene offers three different levels of membership for each community. Upgrading your membership status will only apply to a single community, but Convene members may upgrade their membership in as many communities as they wish.

Each time one of you affiliates makes a purchase from the convene site, you will earn a commission from the purchase based on the tier level of the purchaser. These purchases may include:

  • Purchasing a private membership in a community

  • Purchasing a premier membership in a community

  • Purchasing access to premier content from a Convene Premier member


*A transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 will be processed on each purchase before the total is added to the Affiliate Program.