Convene Christians Unite Summit

Christians Unite: Healing Through Transparency

Helping Christians Connect and unite through transparent, faith-centered talks, inspirational messaging and community building around our shared belief.

Share our faith and testimonies to spread the Gospel using technology.

Meet Our Speakers

Tracy Bible-Raulerson

Tracy Bible-Raulerson

Bringing Healing and Hope to All

We've all  been through something in our lives, "Dirt" we don't want others to know about or may be ashamed of. It's time to stop fearing what others think and start embracing what we've lived through!

I've Got Dirt

My name is Tracy Bible Raulerson. I'm a mother, wife, veteran, executive, and the founder of Share Your Dirt. I'm also a recovered drug addict, rape and domestic violence survivor, but I was able to rise above my circumstances using my strong faith.

Jason Oliver Oliver & Company

Jason Oliver
Oliver & Company

Pursuing a Better Way to Live Life

Husband and father of 2 boys living in Jacksonville, Florida. Jason works for an industry-leading company as an analyst based in Jacksonville. He is also a certified life coach building a foundation in the personal development field.

Jason will be speaking about his pursuit of a better way to live life and what he found along the way that helped him start living more abundantly

Elisabeth “Boo” Archer FundamentallyFit Lifecoaching

Elisabeth “Boo” Archer
FundamentallyFit Lifecoaching

Managing Anxiety

I am a Master Certified Lifecoach, and member of the American Christian Counseling Association. I am graduate of Clemson University. I live in Montgomery Alabama where I have both a home office and coach clients nationwide via phone. I am 53 years old, have a husband Tim, of 28 years, and two grown children, Landon, my daughter, and Cole, my son. Fresca, my Siberian Husky is my third child. I coach clients through behaviors, mindsets, emotions, and situations that keep them from living the life God created for them to live.

Monte Hay

Monte Hay

Building Relationships on the Foundation of Faith

My name is Monte Hay and I’m originally from Williston, South Carolina and currently living with my wife Kiyomi and son Micah in Fort Worth, Texas. I was born on January 18, 1973 and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1991. I retired after 26 years as a Master Sergeant and served in North Carolina, Japan, Texas, and Afghanistan. Since retiring I’ve been in the travel industry in network marketing and currently at the Director level at my company.

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Shaina Afful

Shaina Afful

Healing From Trauma by God's Grace and Love

Shaina Marie Afful, a speaker, coach, and co-author of Steered Straight's Revised edition of Table Talks and Dashboard Conversations. She leads a new online ministry: Christian Classy Confident which is to educate girls, teens, and women on how to live a Christian lifestyle, build their self-image and esteem, and increase health habits to live the full life God created them to live.

Shelli McClintock Coaching with Shelli

Shelli McClintock
Coaching with Shelli

Confidence to Negotiate for yourself!

As a female founder in a male-dominated sports industry, Shelli McClintock understands how to use the power of connection to build relationships in all areas of business. Shelli has over two decades of experience in sales, customer service, and training women on how to negotiate for themselves. As a working mom herself, she’s passionate about supporting women in the workplace, and helping companies learn how to retain top talent in their organizations.

Confidence to Negotiate for yourself! Knowing who you are, and your zone of genius is essential to having the confidence to negotiate for yourself personally and professionally.

Eva Maaieh ReClaim Global

Eva Maaieh
ReClaim Global

Childhood Sexual Abuse/Assault and How it still effects you today.

Survivor. Healer. Educator Eva Maaieh is the Director of ReClaim Global, a non-profit organization focused on helping men and women heal from childhood sexual abuse and/or assault. Through leadership, intensive programs, and workshops, Eva successfully addresses the emotional trauma and devastation that unprocessed sexual abuse still has on its unfortunate victims.

As a survivor herself from sexual abuse at eight, thirteen, sixteen, and raped at 19, she not only understands the effects of sexual abuse, she had to overcome them as well. Although her techniques may seem unorthodox, they produce unparalleled results. She is passionate about “healing your inner child” and helping other reclaim their authentic self. With each engagement, Eva takes groups through a range of emotions but ultimately leaves them with both tears of joy and visions of hope.

Besides being a dynamic speaker, Eva is an award winning Entrepreneur who was recently feature in Forbes Magazine for her work in the field Real Estate and in her community. Her passion led her to spearhead an exclusive program – Homes for Healing; to both raise awareness and help change laws regarding statute of limitations for prosecuting perpetrators.

Jennifer Smith The Giving Closet Project

Jennifer Smith
The Giving Closet Project

How COVID-19 has affected my business and my life

Founder and CEO of grassroots organization that provides clothing and other basic essentials to homeless students and students in need. Former Duval County school teacher that left her 15 year teaching career to pursue her dreams. All while going through her divorce process, raising her two daughters and a sister that was fighting for her life battling cancer.

Increase in student homelessness inspires Jennifer to start a charity

My why:  The struggles and obstacles I went through during my adolescent years has shown me that I can overcome anything if I put my mind to it. My past does not define who I am but continues to teach me things about myself that I am now putting into action as an adult. Working through my childhood trauma is an ongoing process and I recognized that starting my charity back in 2016 was the beginning of my healing process. Life does not always go as planned, but that is ok. I knew I needed to help youth on a much larger scale. My teaching career opened my eyes to the affect’s poverty had on our youth. It was time to go beyond the four walls of my classroom.

Grace Holden Graced To Overcome

Grace Holden
Graced To Overcome

"Dirty Little Secrets" The Silence Ends

Dirty spills the tea on “Dirty” little secrets most of us walk around with in silence. Silence is a mask that will rot if you wear it too long. Have you buried secrets, trauma, pain in your life in order to continue to present to the world that all is well? Grace lays her scars bare for the world in order for your silent voice to be heard through her Dirty exposure.

Are you ready to get rid of your “public” face and deal with the real person you look at in the mirror everyday? Are you ready to be free of the dirt and scum that lingers around and shows up when you least expect it? Have you or a loved one been bullied, raped, molested, beaten, verbally abused or forced to perform sexual acts you didn’t approve of but remained silent? Are you full of confidence but silently have a low self esteem? Ready to go from being a victim to being a victor? Do you need to forgive, but don’t know where to begin?

Let's talk about these dirty little secrets and look at how to you are GraceToOvercome them! Learn how I had to overcome the mental anguish, fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence, failure thoughts and replace them with the “I am not stupid” “I’m smart” “I am not nothing, I am somebody special” I thunk my way out of mental anguish. I hoped my way out. I fell in love with myself – You have to, God wants you to love you and be whole.

Grayson B Marshall, Jr.

Grayson B Marshall, Jr.

Believe in YOU

Grayson has the distinctive talent of “getting you to believe in you.” His unique ability to highlight, isolate, and obliterate mental blocks is why people call him the “Metacognition Expert.” A nationally respected influence in the basketball community, Grayson is a highly sought-after consultant for a host of college and professional teams as well as corporations.

Grayson’s first book Do Positive – The Keys to the Life You Always Imagined is a mind-shifting book that has changed countless lives as readers experience immediate changes through genuine awareness and understanding of how they think, and also learn how to put a stop to personal destructive cycles that stymie success.

His second book Maintaining Greatness – Managing your Gifts for Limitless Living is all about reclaiming your birthright and rightfully positioning yourself in the path of blessing. Apply the principles in this book and you will learn the importance of maintaining greatness and truly living in the power of who you were born to be.

Grayson’s current work Your 2nd Half is in progress and the most important book of his career. This book is the bible of applicable instruction for athletes who are intentional about living a winning, successful, purposeful life after sports.