About Convene

Our Vision: Enhancing personal and professional growth through real-life experiences

Our Mission:

We ALL have a story to tell.

We ALL have experiences to share.

We ALL have the capacity to learn something new.

At Convene Communities we believe that everyone has a story to share with individuals who can benefit from these experiences. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, online platform for people to connect, communicate, collaborate, and educate.

Our Core Values:

Integrity & Gratitude

Always speak the truth.
Keep agreements.
Deliver what you promise.
Be grateful and show appreciation.

Excellence & Success

Good enough isn't. Deliver exceptional quality.
Add value to all.
Win-Win: Be willing to win and allow others to win.


Speak positively, with purpose and empowerment.
Acknowledge the speaker and take responsibility for responses to communication.


Learn something new every day.
Teach something new every day.


Be a Team Leader and a Team Player.
Support each other to achieve Convene's goals.