Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate
in the Ultimate Online Ecosystem

Convene Communities is a social media and online class platform rolled into one. You can build a group, sell online classes, or both!


What makes Convene the Complete Online EcoSystem?

Convene Communities offers organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs the most comprehensive platform in the industry today.
Members can train, communicate, collaborate, and market at an affordable price.

Finally, a system that allows bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, consultants, organizations and teams to have a complete EcoSystem to grow a community.

Convene Communities ecosystem

Complete training system

Built-in sales team for your courses (affiliates)

3 types of access to your content (free, private, paid)

Targeted audience

Turnkey system

Secure payments

Sell unlimited courses in 1 community for one low price

Manage a team effectively

Affiliate program

Course creation tools

Pricing control

Sharability features

What Membership Level Do I Need?



You can do a lot for free. Join public groups, create public groups, and take public experiences.

Get Started

Join for free and get a feel for how Convene works. 



When you want a private group where you approve members that have access to your protected content.

First join the community you are interested in. You will have the option to upgrade once you are a member.



When you want to charge for access to your group. A place to set up courses.

First join the community you are interested in. You will have the option to upgrade once you are a member.



When you want your own community within Convene Communities.

Your Own Community

If you are interested in having your own community, please contact us.

Limited on Time? We Can Help Get You Started!

Our experienced staff will build your community, group, or course for you

What's New in Convene?

Multiple ways to grow your business, offer classes and share information.

Take your engagement with others to a new level!

Who can use Convene?

Business · Podcaster · Author · Blogger · Trainer · Coach · Industry · Consultant · Enthusiast

Looking for a stand alone training solution for your small business?

Convene Small Business offers:

Private Training Area

Branded with your logo

Unlimited Public and Private Groups

Unlimited Subgroups

Ability to create tests, surveys, certificates, and reports

Small Business Training Application example

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Hear stories about how people are using Convene. The flexibility of the app allows everyone to use it in their own way