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Convene Communities is a social media and online class platform rolled into one. You can build a group, sell online classes, or both!


What makes Convene the Complete Online EcoSystem

Have you ever wanted to be a part of an application that brings everything together in one place. A place where like-minded people can communicate and collaborate around a topic or a passion of their choice. What about a place where you can create and sell your content to people that you know are interested in the same things that you are interested in.

Created shareable content is so much more than just making some videos and putting people into a 10 class syllabus. You should be able to create an environment where your members can have a meaningful dialogue and exchange their experience and knowledge. Lets face it, how we learn is through life experience!

Have you ever asked the question: "If you were in this situation, how would you have handled it?"

The Convene EcoSystem brings all of this functionality together in one place.

Multiple ways to grow your business, offer classes and share information.
Take your engagement with others to a new level!

Convene brings us together to share our experiences in specific communities with people that have the same passions and interests. Your group is your store front.

What selling content through Dynamic groups means to a content provider? Groups have an announcement area where you can post upcoming events, podcasts, and classes members might be interested in.

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Recent interviews and Articles

Importance of Training for First Responders

By Dan Turner, Retired UMMC Flight Nurse As with any profession that requires memory and perfection of skills, first responders must think of continuing education opportunities and training as a necessary part of their career-choice. We owe it to the ill and injured that we serve to be the best part of their worst day. […]

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Dan Turner is Making a Difference in Convene First Responders

Convene First Responders could not be more excited to announce the addition of its newest member – Dan Turner. Dan was a Flight Nurse for over 13 years until he was involved in a bad accident riding his motorcycle. This motorcycle accident and resulting traumatic brain injury left Dan with left-sided weakness and loss of […]

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Brittney Wineland – Convene Health and Fitness – Convene Radio 22

Brittney Wineland is a Muay Thai Fighter, fitness/health enthusiast, and we are lucky to have her as the Community Leader of Convene Health and Fitness. What is a Champion? A champion can be someone who “has the attributes of a winner.” Brittney Wineland is a champion to all women! In this interview Matthew Currin and […]

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Jamille Brown and Convene Music – Convene Radio 21

Music brings us together. Music has a way of allowing us to connect with others and our emotions. Often music can reach deep into your soul and speak to you. Music is endlessly diverse in its offerings, and each genre offers unique sounds that appeal to their audience. Matthew Currin interviews Jamille Brown, aka. Chillz […]

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Mike Campbell – Fat Guy Diary on Getting Healthy – Convene Radio 20

Sometimes in life we need some inspiration! Especially when it comes to getting in shape. When looking for a new direction in life, we need support and encouragement to start the journey. Matthew Currin interviews Mike Campbell, from the Fat Guy Diary, who discusses his incredible journey of weight loss. He lost over 150 pounds! […]

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Writing and Sharing Meaningful Experiences

Life comes with many twists and turns. Experience is everything. We go through life making some great decisions and unfortunately some extremely bad decisions. The more we learn, the easier it is to make the better decisions. Flying a plane for the first time It was 1995 and time for my first flight in flight […]

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Garret Biss on Overcoming Adversity and Addiction – Convene Radio 19

Garret is a retired Marine Corps Pilot. Transitioning from a career of military service was a traumatic chapter of his life; one defined by near constant anxiety, regular panic attacks, and a battle with substance abuse. After surviving this experience, Garret began a journey of personal discovery and a search for purpose and meaning in […]

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Ethan Wells and Photography – Convene Radio Episode 18

We all have those special moments in life that we try to capture forever on film, and Ethan uses photography to tell his story. Matt and Ethan discuss how powerful photography is in its ability to unlock old memories and the importance of capturing those moments on film. A photo of Ethan scoring the winning […]

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Eric Burgiss of The 108 Challenge – Convene Radio 17

Matthew Currin interviewed Eric Burgiss about a successful story of recovery from addiction. Eric is the founder of The 108 Challenge, an outreach designed for addicts to help them stay clean one day at a time. Eric serves as a peer support person and provides resources and tools to help individuals find recovery. For 27 […]

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Tim Shropshire – Comedian with an Inspiring Mission – Convene Radio 16

We are so excited to announce that Tim Shropshire is coming to Convene. Listen to this interview as Tim, a comedian and a man of God, explains how your ‘Steps are Numbered’ with Matthew Currin. Tim will be Convene Communities’ first Influencer Community – coming soon. Tim is making a difference and growing a following […]

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