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Convene Radio podcast 1

Convene Radio Episode 001
Matthew Currin and Convene Radio
Released: Jun 08, 2015
Welcome to the first episode of Convene Radio. In this interview Matthew Currin has Aaron Jennings from interview him about Convene Training.

This is the first show where we will be discussing Real Life, Real People, Real Experience!

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Sharing Experiences Makes a Difference

In the fall of 2000, I was sent to a Marine Corps aviation school called Weapons Tactics Instructor School (WTI). This school is the Marine Corps version of ‘Top Gun.’ Aviation students are sent to this school to become their squadron resident expert on how to tactically employ Marine Aviation assets in a combat environment. This is a six-and-a-half-week school that was by far one of the hardest … [Read More...]

New Communities Are On The Horizon

Convene Communities could not be more excited to announce the launch of the next two communities. These communities will be Convene Christians and Convene Soccer.  Matthew Currin describes Convene Christians the following way.  "These are truly exciting times to be alive. The world is changing and we are transforming too. This community of like-minded Christians will give you a platform to … [Read More...]

Real Life, Real People, Real Experience

Have you ever asked for advice from a friend, parent, spouse or coworker? The question might sound something like this; “if you were in this situation what would you do?” This is what I know! Our lives are filled with experiences. Some of the experiences are positive and some experiences can be negative. We learn based off of our cumulative experiences. Over time, we take these experiences … [Read More...]

Convene Communities- Changing the Landscape in Sharing Experience and Knowledge

“Convene Communities” A Community Environment That Fills A Need in an Affordable Way The web-based mobile “Convene” application allows for individuals to come together through the use of an easy to use digital training platform. The application omits traditional costs, organizational impacts or time constraints that normally accompany face-to-face training events. It enables individuals, … [Read More...]